Boozt is an online e-commerce with high end, premium products. They are targeting the consumer with a "nordic" mindset and has a 95% of it's customer base primarily from the Nordic countries. 
There has been an opening in the market for launching a cosmetics feature in relation to their normal variety of clothes and more and the aim from here on is tho increase the basket value with suggestions the cosmetics as add on to the purchase

Develop a strategy to reach 20% in the company’s revenue stream that derives from cosmetics sales as supplementary products, within the next four years.

How can Boozt improve sales by using existing customer data, and acquire more in the process?

Women (25 - 54)
Middle to High income
Value Time over Money
Most popular products purchased: 
Important points:
Price comparison possibilities
Time saving are essential factors
Target audience cares more for Skin and Hair care products
There has been found to be a difference in the target groups where the older segment find shopping a full outfit or a package deal is very possible and attractive to them, whereas the younger segment does not want to purchase a whole look, as it makes it feel cliche and not like they are unique.

"I don’t like the idea that I could walk out looking like the mannequin"
Anna - 26

Boozt is considered being the business of data and so the goal here would be to develop a solution that supports the collection of data from its users. So the campaign would cover the offline and online segments. This will relate in using a customer journey that attracts new customers and the already existing customers.
After the research the focus is on haircare, skin and body hair as well as fragrances. 
In the early stages of the sign on of the already existing account or as the customer registered, they will get a selection of four to five basic questions which will relate to their body types, such as type of hair, dry vs. oily skin and more. This will give insight in the user and their preferences and contribute more data about the customers where Boozt can easily target with more relatable products as the cross sell over the site. There will also be a reordering of some of the content on the site in terms of placement. Here Boozt has the freedom to user the data and portrait banners and campaign links for the cosmetics and also add the selection of cosmetics on each product page and follow with these till the end of the converted purchase. 
As for the offline based campaign, there has been suggesting that machine learning could enhance the awareness and create interest amongst potential customers. The system will be displayed as virtual realty screen that scans and analyse the human and project suggestions for clothing, colours and other items. When the suggestions and the scan has been finalised, the user can proceed to scanning a QR code or simply visit the website or download the app, for what ever they prefer where they will be asked to sign up, this to accumulate data from the user to begin target online.
A possibility here is that the machine learning system is new and the physical size is large and recognisable in the crowd and will bring attention, and lead to results in data collecting by users who find this interesting. 
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