Spaces is a presentation of three plays, loosely sharing the theme of how humans are shaped and can be driven to extremes by their environment.
King Arthur’s Socks  // Bin Juice - Directed by Marley Hasselebach
The Waiting Room - Directed by Piper McKenzie
Assistant Director: Anastasia Floka
Production Coordination: Ika Forsting & Cecile van Sambeek
Set Design: Carlos Manns & Heidy Fu
Light Design: Igor Halicki
Sound Design: Alan Linn
Production Support: Florian Leyhausen
King Arthur's Socks
Bin Juice
The Waiting Room
Special thanks to the actors who created a stunning performance and posed for my photos at all cost.

In King Arthur’s Socks:
Tammie Bergholdt as Guenevere
Julia Mangan as Vivien
Ida Mari Gundersen as Mary
Niels Madsen as Lancelot

In Bin Juice:
Fie Dal as Triss
Jakob Epsen as Axel
Su-Ann Vučko as Jojo

In The Waiting Room:
Rozarina Larsen as Aleph
Claudia Domenici as Beatty
Casper Mohr as Dell
Louisa Lundberg as Gomer
Martin Bare as Leone
Anina Karma Kjeldsen as The Old One
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